AWN - Issue 1

Ljubomir Simin ljubomir.simin at
Tue Nov 14 23:31:23 UTC 2006


I have created the first proto-issue of AWN. It's located on my google page, 
since I'm pleased with googles editing capabilities and storage. When you're 
happy with it, I could "port" it to wiki on ako, or rokymotion, so others can 
fix by horrible English :D. Anyway, it's more or less how I think AWN should 
look like. Please tell me what do you think about it. My main concerns are to 
keep it simple, yet interesting, and not to twist some facts (which is harder 
than I thought). So, enjoy and give feedback :)


PS. Please note that page looks bit differently in Konqueror, while in Opera 
and FF looks almost the same.

Ljubomir Simin 
Registered Linux User #351181 

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