Some ideas for Amarok 2.0 based on foobar2k experience

Leo Franchi lfranchi at
Tue Nov 14 22:36:15 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 14 November 2006 16:55, Michael Pujos wrote:
> > Ultra high configurability is absolutely not what we are striving for. I
> > believe it's the task of the developer to provide a good GUI, not the
> > user's.
> This is a valid design decision while a bit disappointing but I can see why
> you'd want to retain a fixed, controllable UI. It's disappointing because
> it's a bit conservative and some advanced users might want a different
> customized UI to their needs or preferences. However on a development point
> of view it's probably simplier.

The reasoning begind our decision has much less to do with developmental 
complexity and much more about user experience. We want amarok to be easy, 
fun, and powerful to use. We don't cater to the 1% of users who each want a 
certain thing to work their own exact way. We care about making a functional 
powerful media player that 99% of users can love and enjoy from the very 
first second---not after hours of downloading plugins and scouring forums.


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