Some ideas for Amarok 2.0 based on foobar2k experience

Michael Pujos pujos.michael at
Tue Nov 14 22:13:00 UTC 2006

Gleb Litvjak a écrit :
>> - there's a scripting engine called TAGZ used almost anywhere when you
>> need track info. For example if I want do display tracks that are of
>> Genre Techno before 1995 which I never played
> This is possible through Amarok's smart playlist generator: 
> ____________________
Yup for such a query you can do it that way but TAGZ allow much more 
things plus is usable to display custom info in panel. Silly example:
flac files not replaygained containing 'bob'  in the filename.

I still can't display by label/comment in the collection left pane, 
without modifying the code but without a general system that's to be 

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