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Christopher Conroy cconroy at
Mon Nov 13 16:46:35 UTC 2006

Hey all. I think it would be a neat feature to provide some level of
integration with the etree live music archive

I have mentioned this to Nikolaj, and he suggested that I just start coding
up something based off the Magnatune code and then would pull out common
functionality later. I'm hesistant to do this just because I am brand new to
KDE/QT development and would be a bit more comfortable working off a well
defined, extendable interface.

So, my question is multipart:
1) What is the status of defining a plugin structure for things *like*
magnatune. If it is still in development, are there some things a newbie
contributor like me could help with?

2) Has any consideration been given to making these sorts of things
scriptable (via DCOP?) It seems to me (after a very cursory examination of
some scripts and amarok code), that one could have a DCOP interface that

Christopher Conroy
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