Clarifying magnatune support in amarok

John Buckman john at
Sat Nov 11 15:34:08 UTC 2006

>> Hmm.. ok. To be really sure that stuff isn't logged anywhere, one  
>> would
>> need to check whether KURL() and KIO::storedGet() don't log.
>>> I'm CCking Nikolaj (the Amarok developer who did the Magnatune
>>> integration work) in case there is other logging going on that I
>>> don't see.

I'm not seeing a mention of logging in the KDE API docs: 

but perhaps Nikolaj already was referring to a lack of logging in  
another email.

>>> I assume they're referring to the "id=nikola" in the purchase url  
>>> that
>>> was in the beta versions of Amarok, which has now been changed to
>>> "id=amarok".  This is simply used to track the source of the  
>>> purchase
>>> and has no nefarious intent.
>> Ok. So there is an "amarok" account at magnatunes.
>> Is there any option for anyone (except you guys at magnatunes, of
>> course) to log in to that account and see transaction history that
>> includes credit card information ?

There is no amarok account at magnatune.  There is a "ref" column in  
the MySQL table that remembers the purchase which stores the value of  
ref= purely for Magnatune's own purposes. For example, if there were  
bugs with Amarok's client implementation, we would be able to  
correlate the errors we saw on the magnatune server with what client  
software was causing it.

So no, no Amarok people have any access whatsoever to sales data.  
Occasionally (from Magnatune) tell them "hey, you caused 20 albums to  
be sold today", so the private data is never disclosed.

>> Nikolaj: I'll patch out the CC data logging in my amarok builds -  
>> could
>> it be merged upstream ?

Excellent, does this mean the Magnatune support in Amarok will make  
it into OpenSuse?  As it happens, I installed OpenSuse last night on  
my mac mini using Parallels, so I'm eager to see Amarok 1.4.4 w/ 
magnatune working on it.

Also, if any other questions about this come up, please feel free to  
CC or forward them to me. I saw some of the posts, such as:
and want to make sure people aren't misinformed


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