Labels and uniqueid Was: some crash report by Rich

Alexandre Oliveira aleprjlists at
Thu Nov 9 18:42:26 UTC 2006

On 11/9/06, Jeff Mitchell <kde-dev at> wrote:
> No.  The reason is because they are both pieces of identifying information
> that are used to help track files.  Remember that in some cases a file is the
> same but the UID has changed, and in other cases the UID is the same but the
> location has changed.  So you need to be able to query for one or the other,
> in order to update the other one appropriately.  I'm not sure what having
> that info in the statistics table has to do with anything -- it's used for
> the same purpose there.  You can't just tie it to the uniqueid table either,
> as both of those tables have persistent entries that should remain even if an
> entry is no longer in the uniqueid table.

Alright, we should add them to the lyrics table as well then. Can you
look into that?

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