ATF and moving between different shares

Rich rich at
Tue Nov 7 08:52:13 UTC 2006

Andreas Heinz wrote:
> Hi Rich,
> ok so i will try a rescan. i just did a my /mp3s/ /storage/
> afaik in this case mtimes aren't modified, right?

ok, i thhink i finally understood what you have changed :)
don't know exactly about increment scan (have you disabled change 
watching and initiated it manually ?), but full rescan should pick up 
this change.

> i hope i won't lose stats  with rescanning collection. luckily i have a 
> db backup

you should not. if you do and can reproduce the problem or get some 
other information, tell about it here or open a bugreport.

> thanks for your responses.
> Andreas

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