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Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier jzb at
Mon Nov 6 14:58:49 UTC 2006

Hi there,

I'd like to make a small suggestion for future releases of Amarok. I
really like the Magnatune store feature -- and would love it if there
were more non-major label stores available for Amarok that sell music
as non-DRM infected MP3s and so forth. 

But there's one thing about the implementation that I would like to see
changed, if possible. Namely, is there any way that the purchase dialog
could indicate that the connection is encrypted? I'm assuming that it
is, but I'd feel a bit more comfortable being able to check the
certificate and so forth as you can do when you purchase albums from
Magnatune online through a browser. Actually, it'd be great if you had
the option to buy the physical media too as you can through Magnatune's
online store. 

Thanks much for Amarok, I really enjoy it. 


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