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Nikolaj Hald Nielsen nhnfreespirit at
Sun Nov 5 09:12:47 UTC 2006

Hi Patrick

I wrote most of the Magnatune integration, so I'll give you my
perspective on this. Please note that I have not discussed this with
the other developers yet, so it is in no way authorative.

Personally I would love to integrate your (and any other interested
DRM-free music stores) into Amarok if we can find a nice clean way of
doing so. At the moment however, I think we, the Amarok crew, really
need to polish the music store concept with the one we already have
before branching out. This is very much a learning experience for us,
and we are getting tons of feedback and suggestions we need to look

Also, it might be benefical to work out some standard interface that
music stores could follow that would make integration with 3rd party
programs easy instead of us having to write a completely new
integration each time. Off the top of my head I'm thinking something
along the lines of a xml scema for publising the store catalogue and a
standardized purchasing and downloading interface.

These are my thoughts at the moment. I am definetely interested in
working with you, but I really think we need some time to learn from
what we already before really comitting to any new partnberships.

- Nikolaj

On 11/3/06, Patrick Hefner <phefner at> wrote:
> Would Amarok be interested in working with our music service as well? We
> offer our music in a variety of formats, including mp3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC,
> and AAC.
> We have over 140 artists from all over the world and our catalog continues
> to grow.
> Thanks,
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> Independent Music Online, Inc.
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