Feature Request: separate me from MS Media Player...

Matt rossicalzini at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 5 04:37:22 UTC 2006

First off, let me say that Amarok is far and away the best media player available on Linux.  You guys really did a great job (but you already knew that)!  I liked it enough that I'd like to get rid of MS's Windows Media Player and switch.

A while ago, I dutifully took all my CDs (a couple hundred) and ripped them into MP3 format, then rated them as I went along.  I really don't want to go through and re-rate them again.  My first RFE - I'd love it if the import process linked the 0-5 star rating (meta-data - "POPM") from WMP to the star-rating in Amarok.

The second thing that would be great is if there was an option to group music by "Album Artist" (TPE2) instead of "Artist".  The reason here is that all dance/techno/remix/soundtrack albums tend to have different "Artists" for each track, whereas the "Album Artist" field will be the name on the album (i.e. Fatboy Slim, etc.).  Right now I have like 50 albums under "Various Artists", and all of my miscellaneous MP3s are scattered about (however, I can get to those by pointing amarok at the "Misc" directory, which they live in).

Let me know what you think!

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