use mtp or usm for an iRiver T10?

Martin Aumueller aumuell at
Fri Nov 3 11:16:33 UTC 2006

The characters replaced in Amarok::vfatPath are taken from the linux kernel 
vfat implementation. Unless this is not complete, the current state of things 
should be sufficient.

Some of the other characters you listed can cause problems because they have 
to be escaped in urls.

On Thu November 2 2006 21:27, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 02.11.06 19:05:16, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > I'm currently having a problem with amaroks "sync with media player"
> > feature, it offeres to change spaces to underscores and also allows to
> > replace non-ascii text by underscores. But it doesn't have an option to
> > replace all characters that don't work on FAT filesystems to
> > underscores. This includes "*,%()" and possibly some others. Also I
> > think the length of directory and filenames is limited on FAT.
> This was actually easier for the beginning, because I currently cannot
> reboot to reflash the player..
> I do have a KDE svn account and could commit a change to app.cpp,
> changing vfatPath to also replace some more characters. I'm not doing it
> because nobody here knows me and I don't want to get flame-mails about
> changing amarok without anybody commenting.
> Thus I attach the patch to this mail for review, basically I took all
> characters that are on my keyboard and are not letters/numbers/ /./-/_
> and replace them also with an underscore.
> Comments welcome.
> Andreas

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