Preparations for the bug triage day this Sunday

Sven Krohlas sven at
Fri Nov 3 08:11:42 UTC 2006


here it is Friday morning, so there are only two days left to
promote and prepare the bug triage day.
First of all i've set up a small wiki page describing the
things to do and collecting some hopefully useful Bugzilla
queries at
Feel free to add/correct things.

There were still some open questions:

 > If this time sounds good we should probably get the word out
 > (blogs, dotkde, irc topic) and pick an irc channel.

I'd suggest #amarok as the irc channel because there are many
people knowing the Rok quite well. So they see we have a bug
triage day. ;-)

So the todo on the promotional side looks like:
*Blog entry in the developers blog
*put a hint to the bug triage day in the topics of #amarok[.*]
*write a reminder to the mailing list
*write an article for dotkde (should be done today)

This way mainly people with more knowledge about Amarok than
the average user will read about it, I think.

One last question from my side: what are new bugzilla users
allowed to do on Do we need to set up a wiki
page for them do list their requests for component changes
for example? Or will we coordinate everything on irc?

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