Amarok hard freezes?

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at
Thu Nov 2 23:12:37 UTC 2006

Mats Ahlgren wrote:
> Hello.
> I've recently come across something which has made Amarok unusable  
> for me: Amarok will often hard-freeze my system (often after being in  
> use for awhile, or right when booting up the app).
> I don't know how it happens, only that a friend who runs another  
> distribution also has the same problems.
> Has anyone had similar problems?
> This has been most prevalent in v1.4.3.
> Thanks,
> Mats
Hey, Mats--

A few questions.

1) Are you using a hyperthreaded/dual-core/dual-processor system?
2) What engine are you using, and what versions of the libraries (i.e. 
xine 1.1.1, xine 1.1.2, etc.), and from where?
3) Does this happen in the just-released 1.4.4?
4) Are you doing anything really fancy that might be a factor, such as 
running Xgl?
5) Are your packages coming from the same place as your operating system 
packages? (i.e. Fedora Core official repositories vs. Livna repositories).


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