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Bart Cerneels bart.cerneels at kde.org
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This is getting urgent. I will probably have to make up something if
no one responds.


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Subject: KDE quotes for 1st Coherence/KDE sprint
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I'm the author of Coherence, a DLNA/UPnP framework [1]
- and I'm trying to organize the 1st Coherence/KDE sprint
in Paris, May 9/10 2009 [2].

Objectives of that sprint are:

  1. create a kio-slave to access UPnP A/V MediaServers
     via the Coherence D-Bus interface
  2. create an Amarok plugin to natively access
     UPnP A/V MediaServers via the Coherence D-Bus interface
  3. create a Coherence backend to export Amaroks music db"
  4. documentation and code cleanup

As Mandriva offered to host the sessions in their office
it would be great if we could get them some 'official marketing'
quotes that then can be added to an announcement in their blog.


[1] http://coherence.beebits.net
[2] http://coherence.beebits.net/wiki/Sprints/One

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