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I'm quite sure you already noticed, I'd like to do a kind of user interview. 
Reason for this is, that I want to ensure to get proper needs&views for the 
user target group as those are really important to find out what we have to 
focus on in the 2.0 Campaign and also to find out what is needed in 
development to increase the user base even more.

The data will not be published in the open, to prevent (as markey is fearing) 
people from telling us "most users want video support, so implement a full 
featured video support...". However they will become part of the analysis 
(wouldn't make much sense else?! ;-).

Anyway, you can find the current question set at and I'd like to 
kindly ask everyone who got a minute or two, to prove read and/or refine the 
questions to prevent unutilizable answers.

I'll be in western austria until Sunday (or Saturday evening at least), so I 
won't get to an internet connection that easy, which means you really should 
spend some time with the questions as I want to start ther interviewing on 
Monday, since the analysis should be finished in mid-june. :P

Harald Sitter
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