lo' there lads!

Nimrod Gutman nimrod.gutman at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 11:27:02 CEST 2006

Hey astrogliders, sup?
I wanted to ask you something, recently I saw that you got a lot of songs for 
free download over at your site and I wondered about something;
I'm a developer / promoter for a music player called Amarok for the linux 
operating system (http://amarok.kde.org), right now we are working on a 
project called "Amarok LiveCD 1.4" (you can check the old version at 

The intention of the project is to create a CD with a pre-installed linux 
distribution bundled with the Amarok player and a lot of "free" music. We are 
currently looking for artists willing to give us permission to put some of 
their songs in the livecd, I think you're music will hit the spot as there 
aren't *that* many surf-core bands out there ;), and we want to give the user 
the widest music exposure we can provide.

I'm looking forward for your reply!,

send a hi to Jonathan and Alanya from Guti and Dasi if you're able to ;).
Nimrod "Guti" Gutman.

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