Review Request: Important bugfixes to Gpodder Service

Lucas Gomes x8lucas8x at
Sun Nov 13 02:12:11 UTC 2011

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Review request for Amarok, Stefan Derkits and Bart Cerneels.


This patch must be applied prior to next release.

* Fixed a bug in drag'n drop due to an inappropriate handling of SyncedPodcast.
* Made PodcastModel independent of playlist types.
* Done some changes at SyncedPlaylist and SyncedPodcast.
* Remembered to start subscription synchronisation timer.

Special thanks to HorusHorrendus for informing me about the drag'n drop bug in time ^^.


  src/browsers/playlistbrowser/PodcastModel.cpp 1cad82e 
  src/playlistmanager/SyncRelationStorage.cpp 116e23c 
  src/playlistmanager/SyncedPlaylist.h 0e94576 
  src/playlistmanager/SyncedPlaylist.cpp eaa856f 
  src/playlistmanager/SyncedPodcast.h 85c80fc 
  src/playlistmanager/SyncedPodcast.cpp 92dd6f8 
  src/services/gpodder/GpodderProvider.cpp 2ba0bf3 




Lucas Gomes

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