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Sven Krohlas sven at asbest-online.de
Sun Jul 24 11:38:11 CEST 2011

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Hi Marco,

> This is Marco from Switzerland. I'm member of the music editorial staff of the non-commercial
> german web-radio project called „Radio GFM“.
> Radio GFM plays „GEMA-FREIE MUSIK“ which means that we do only play music which is released under
> a free Creative Commons license.

sounds like a great project.
But you know, just because a song is CC-licensed doesn't mean that the
GEMA won't charge you of any fees. The GMEA sees their contracts as
exclusive and some artists have GEMA contracts but nevertheless offer
CC-licensed downloads...

> The „Radio GFM“ project have three different radio stations: Radio GFM - RockPop
> http://streams.radio-gfm.net/rockpop.m3u Radio GFM - Electro
> http://streams.radio-gfm.net/electro.m3u Radio GFM - Metal
> http://streams.radio-gfm.net/metal.m3u
> We would like to ask you, if you could integrate our radio stations into Amarok by default to
> spread Creative Commons music.

The criteria for adding a stream are quite simple: our developers have
to like it. ;-)
But I think a CC-stream gets some extra credit. As we just tagged
2.4.2 now our devs have some time to listen to it.

PS: I'm also the moderator of the Free Music Charts @darkeradio.com,
maybe you want to use those songs and encourage your listeners to
take part in the votting, too? See mail signature for the latest show.
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