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Sun Feb 13 13:12:57 CET 2011


I would like to comment some more on the following and what I actually thought about:
> I would like to see the feature request for multiple local collections come true. Since this is a big
> change to the way amarok handles its collection(s) it would IMO be ideally suited for GSOC.
> For more info about what is envisioned:

I was referred to the following Page


My Idea and what I took from the feature Requests was something different, although it is a good idead to include 
the self contained collection. Since I checked my schedule and other plans and would like to take this on you can 
view this also as a sort of proposal, if it meats the approval of the developers.

I would like to not have just one main "Local Collection" but many. In Addition to this you can have multiple other 
collections, e.g. on a USB-Stick/Harddrive or a network share. Very much like the collections in Digikam. So a 
collction would just be bunch of files and folders that we index.

For example take the following use-cases: We have a collection on the local disc, e.g. it is always there. Another 
two are on external harddrives or on one in different folders that we want to keep separate for some reaseo, so 
probably mostly used on this computer, but not always attached, for example when using the laptop in the 
University. Then we have a Collection on a USB-Stick or a MSC-MP3player which is most certainly not only used on 
this computer. If we take this Idea even further we can even include Network-Shares (through KIO).

So what I would like to propose is basically a rewrite of the way collections are handled now. A collection would 
therefore consist of the following (taking into account the abovementioned proopsal):

 - Collection Folders
 - Metadata:
   + Source [local disc|external drive|removable media]
   + Database location [local db|in file in the collection root|no db (like USB-Sticks now)]

I know this is probably a lot of work (creating or modifying the existing structure to support this + 
implementation of the actual collections) and not exactly easy, but let me know what you think of this and how 
difficult you believe this would be.

Kind Regards
Philipp Schmidt

IRC: hefeweiz3n

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