[GUI] Re: [Bug 279527] New: text color in toolbar below playlist is always white even if background is light - not readable

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 15:32:37 UTC 2011

!! This is a mail to the amarok-devel list, not the bug.... !!

Am Sat, 06 Aug 2011 12:56:58 +0000
schrieb Janet <bugzilla at kerridis.de>:
> Since Amarok 2.4.3 the text in the toolbar is just not readable when
> you use a light color theme for KDE. 

On the bug source:
It's using the HighlightedText color on the Highlight/Window color mix
what fails since the Window color is usually dominant (and often does
not contrast the HighlightedText color)
You will usually have to do a contrast check on color mixes.


... therefore this is rather straight talk :p

First off:
No one should please feel personally offended.
Since this is mostly an aesthetic matter, there's no true "right" or
"false" and I'm aware of that. Also i recall a thread on this
somewhere exists on this list.
I'm just expressing my really clear, yet personal opinion.

This is also no way intended to start a flame - if that aspect ("baby
blue" ie. Highlight "abuse" in amarok) is not open for discussion, just
say so and i won't ask again.


I do completely not understand the invocation of this
baby-blue stuff in amarok at all.
To be more precise: i think it's incredibly ugly and sheer abuse of
*Highlight* as *Background*.

It's ugly enough in the context view and it's even uglier on the

And, as quite a "threat" (sorry, can't help myself)
I was about to hack it away in Bespin for the toolbars at least
(i used to hack around colors in the context view causes some
colorwise side-effects, since i had to hack around that PaletteHandler,
but i'm quite confident i can hack around the toolbar)

Since i guess nobody's (including myself) looking forward to this and
if the discussion about that particular coloring[1] is open again, i'll
happily volunteer assist to errr... "fix" amaroks rather weird[2]
palette handling as well as -if demanded- the global plasma theme

But to make it very clear:
I am no way available for "fixing" bugs induced by this
HighlightMix-as-background thing.


If anyone should really feel offended, i'm very sorry and ensure that
there's no indication for this from my side, but i will not apologize
for my opinion on that baby blue.


[1] instead of eg. using the Base color or the global plasma theme in
the context view and otherwise just stay with the widget style
[2] it kicks all QWidget/QPalette and shrinks amarok to the

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