Review Request: Fixes bugs 250746, 250750 and partially fixes bug 245646

Dennis Francis at
Sat Nov 20 12:20:27 CET 2010

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Review request for Amarok.


Search the ActionList for text "Delete"/ "Remove From" (after null checks) instead of using the last index of ActionList always.


This patch fixes the bug 250746 which causes a crash while using 'delete' key to delete multiple playlists.
When multiple playlists are selected and deleted using delete key, only the first one in the selectedIndexes() gets row removed properly. 

I used an alternative route to fix the issue, by using actionsFor() method for getting the actions for the selected
indexes(selected playlists) and then triggering the last action of the returned ActionList (The last action was found to be the one corresponds to
row remove operation).

QTreeView is expanded to depth 0. This resolves 'delete key press' version of bug 245646. Context menu version of this bug can
also be resolved in a similar way through another patch.

Further, this patch automatically fixes bug 250750 - "Cancel delete of playlist initialised by 'Delete' key not clean". Now when you press cancel,
none of the playlists are touched.

This addresses bugs 250746 and 250750.

Diffs (updated)

  src/browsers/playlistbrowser/PlaylistBrowserView.cpp 2603e2f 



Tested with different possible selection patterns using "CTRL+click". Delete key press deletes only the selected playlists when confirmed, else none of
them are affected. The PlayListBrowserView maintains the same expanded state after deletion.
Things seems to work fine for me. 



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