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Hi all,

The "scope" can be introduced with the context view state machine that we
wanted for 2.X.
( view
should show some relevant info when browsing, playing, or not
playing (statistics, etc).

About collapsing or not, that was just desgined in order to save some
vertical place with the current Context View design


I would go further : Now we have (or are going to have) different engines,
providing data from different sources. The Cv should have an automatic
guess, and display only the information that we can show : nobody cares for
an empty page of wikipedia, but if we got the lyrics or photos right, we
should show them as a primary information. Also the current behavior is not
correct, having to clic to show an applet is not very intuitive.

Therefore, i think we should design a meta-applet, showing a bit of all the
information relative to the current song we got (from wikipedia, lyricswiki,
flickr, youtube,, musicbrainz etc)  The engine we want to use should
be configurable by the user. And then we should be able to navigate to all
that information within the applet. with some history, showing some "more
..." button here and there. If we didn't get the lyrics, do not show the
lyrics part and automatically use the space for what's left.

Here is a *magnificent* mockup made with kolourpaint

Ok the choice of colour is not accurate, but it's just a 10mn mockup :-).
Here are some comments :

- I believe there is definitely enough space in the cv for this, and we can
only keep the "Current Track" applet, and the meta applet (no more bottom
bar) Every thing should be done within the applet, with a navigation history
(2 icons on the top left).
- On top right, the settings where the user configures : biography from or pitchwork or wikipedia ; Album list from musicbrainz or discogs.
- If the user clic on a link it'll open in the applet
- if the user clic on the album (note that the italic one is here to
indicate that it is not in the collection), the album uncollapse, showing
some more info

Maybe that project is not realistic due to some coding difficulties, but
I'll give a try when that $ø@# of PhD will finally be over (which will
hopefully be in a month now).

Any sort of comment/reaction welcome :)


On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 10:31, Bart Cerneels <bart.cerneels at> wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 09:36, Valentin Rouet <v.rouet at> wrote:
> >> Yes. Feel free to add that to any applets that do not have it--it was
> >> not an implementation choice but rather a i-haven't-had-the-time-to-do-
> >> it-yet choice.
> >
> >
> >  By "that", do you mean make them all collapse ? I am thinking about
> adding
> > an option to the config dialog to decide if the user wants the applets to
> > collapse or not (as personally I don't really like them collapsing), do
> you
> > think it is a valid idea ?
> > Valentin
> I think none of them should collapse or change display, i.e. the
> content should stay. It happens far to often that I'm reading a
> wikipedia article of an artist while the track is reaching the end.
> Same could be happening for photo's, lyrics... though I don't those
> nearly as often.
> I also feel the need for a "scope" for the context info displayed. For
> instance when selecting a track the context panel should show info
> about that one, even if it's not playing.
> Bart
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