Patch for the repaint issue in the collection dialog

Ian Monroe ian.monroe at
Mon Mar 30 22:41:54 CEST 2009

2009/3/30 Jeff Mitchell <mitchell at>:
> Adam Furtenbach wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Patch so Amarok repaints the treeview widget in the collection dialog,
>> after the checkboxes in the view have been toggled.
> Is this small parch worth having to deal with potential licensing
> issues, since he adds his name to the copyright?  IMHO it isn't.
> --Jeff

Worst reason to reject a patch ever.

And adding your name doesn't create the licensing issue. Adding
copyrightable code gives you a copyright whether you list your name or
not. And since this adds a new function, it's copyrightable imo.


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