Time based releases?

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at kde.org
Fri Mar 27 20:58:08 CET 2009

Mark Kretschmann wrote:
> 10:03 < leinir> that whole branch thing - being able to develop new
> stuff without trashing the whole app for months at a time :)

Another thread we should revive.

Everything is basically ready for whatever we decide to do until
git.kde.org is ready (which we all know is more of a long-term thing
because of scripty headaches and the like).  So until then, if people
want to use git, I propose that we either:

1) Have one master git-svn checkout; everyone does their work on git;
periodically we push back up (especially with string changes)
2) Keep using SVN for trunk, but have git available for people to
individually store feature branches on (similar to how it was working
with http on my server before, except properly).

Regardless of which of these we use, as far as Git itself goes, the
following are essentially ready to go, depending only on picking one and
getting public SSH keys from people:

1) GitHub -- heard more nays than yeas about this (from those that
responded) as it's not OSS.  It's actually not much more than gitosis
with a few scripts and a non GitWeb frontend.
2) Gitorious -- not much different than Git + GitWeb, except we don't
host it ourselves
3) Hosting Git + GitWeb ourselves with Gitosis (I already have this set
up, and would be normal git protocol, not http)


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