Kevin Funk krf at gmx.de
Mon Mar 23 20:49:40 CET 2009

Monday 23 March 2009, Seb Ruiz:
> SVN commit 942232 by seb:
> Add some spice to the collection browser root entries. I'd like to know
> what people think about this change. I don't think that this change adds
> too much screen usage for the value of easier to locate collections and a
> bit of iconage.
> Screenshot: http://imagebin.ca/view/f81Use.html

I really like the look of the Collection Browser root entries. Could we have 
the same layout for those items in the Internet Browser? Some reasons for this 
* consistency
* the font for the root entry headers ("Cool Streams", etc.) in the Internet 
Browser is too big right now, looks distracting
* saves some vertical space



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