Crash diagnostics

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Fri Mar 20 13:00:35 CET 2009

If any of you guys can see what might be going wrong here, please let me
know.  The crash takes place in the destructor of a KEncodingProber
object allocated on the stack, in the line "delete encoding".  Here are
the places "encoding" is used:

In declaration of KEncodingProberPrivate:
const char * encoding;

In constructor:
KEncodingProberPrivate(): encoding(strdup("")) ......

In destructor of KEncodingProberPrivate:
delete encoding;  <- crash

In function KEncodingProberPrivate::unicodeTest:
encoding = "UTF-8";
encoding = "ISO-10646-UCS-4";
(a few other similar assignments...these all depend on the cases in a
...(then, later in the same function)...
if (encoding && strlen(encoding))

I've gone through the code and ensured that encoding is only ever
deleted in the private class destructor, so it's not a double free.  One
thing I noticed is that it's a const char pointer, and most of those
assignments it is being assigned to pre-defined character strings,
except for the initialization which is setting it to a strdup.  If
nothing else, that could end up being a memory leak if it eventually is
assigned to a different string and that original strdup-provided string
goes into the ether.  But that shouldn't cause a crash.

Anyone have ideas?

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