c't 2009/10: Amarok review

Sven Krohlas sven at asbest-online.de
Wed Apr 29 10:22:07 CEST 2009


one of the largest and imho most important IT magazines in Germany
reviewed Amarok 2 in its latest issue on four pages. Generally the
review was positive and well written (they also mentioned the Mac OS
and Windows Nightly builds), but of course there also were some
negative points.

Those were:
* Media Devices: the author was not able to find any media device support
* Playlist: he wrote something about a strange strange behaviour: the
  playlist added 10 random songs sometimes. Seems as if he didn't realize
  that dynamic playlists were enabled.
* Windows: collection scanning did only work on the fourth(!) try.
* High system load while watching folders for changes (collction size
  for the test: 6.4 GB, maybe in not so many folders).
* No option to fetch all covers (from all artists) in the cover manager.
  This was even worth a screen shot. ;-)
* Incomplete German translation.

I already contacted the author to clearify the first two ones.

If someone wants a scan of that review I can provide it.
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