book purchases: omg free books

Greg Meyer greg at
Mon Jan 21 14:29:07 CET 2008

On Sunday 20 January 2008, Ian Monroe wrote:
> If anyone wants it, or any other useful books like it, we have Amarok
> funds that are supposed to be spent on such things. Just let me know
> and I'll work with Greg to purchase the book.
Probably the easiest way to do this (to save on shipping and other fees) is to 
consolidate an order for those in the US.  I can order them all at once and 
either have them drop shipped or sent to me for further distribution.  

For those in the EU, it is probably easiest to have you go ahead and purchase 
the book and we will reimburse you.  Lydia is maintaining some funds that 
came in as direct bank transfer, so we can quickly get you the reimbursement 
without any bank fees.  

For anybody else, like those in AU or South America, we'll figure it out on a 
case by case basis.


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