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Lenz Grimmer lenz at
Mon Aug 4 07:58:57 CEST 2008

Hi Edward,

thanks for your message! Sorry for the late reply.

On 07/29/2008 06:59 PM, Edward Hades wrote:

> I currently work on MySQL Embedded integration into Amarok and was told
> that you have been enthusiastic about it and that we could count on your
> help. So we do ;)

Thanks! I am an avid Amarok user myself, you guys are doing an amazing job!

> We have successfully managed to compile and run Amarok with it, but had
> several issues with that (rated in order of increasing significance):

I will have to consult our developers for comments about your first two
questions and will get back to you as soon as I have some input.

For future questions, you can contact our developers directly by joining our
"internals" mailing list on - the list name is a bit
confusing, it actually is a public list that discusses MySQL Server internals :)

> 1. Key limit in MyISAM engine is 1000 bytes. Amarok currently uses
> larger keys, and I had to manually increase this limit. I guess we
> should actually work on some db redesign to eliminate these keys, since
> they bring performance drawback, but I am not a DB specialist, and we
> would really appreciate an inside view on what to do best here.
> 2. MySQL embedded uses exit() when it encounters a severe error. I am
> not sure what is the threshold of severity between exit() and
> non-exit(), but still it would be hardly friendly for a GUI program to
> quit abruptly without any error messages and such. I understand, that
> this code is shared with big MySQL brother, but I've managed to evade it
> with simple macro that redefines exit(). Maybe there is a better way to
> tell MySQL to use slightly less radical approach to error handling?
> 3. It builds by default with no -fPIC flag, and that is bad for us,
> because our SQL-related code resides in a shared library. I did not dig
> MySQL's configure scripts, but I think it should honor --with-pic flag
> when building libmysqld.a (which it does not).

That's probably a bug then - if you provide "./configure --with-pic", it
should apply to the embedded server as well. I can't tell for sure from your
comment - did you actually try using "--with-pic" or did you expect it to be
set by default?

> Thank you in advance for your support, we hope that Amarok is doomed to
> long and prosper life with MySQL embedded as DB backend.

Thank you for considering MySQL! I hope we can resolve the issues above quickly.

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