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Hi Nicolaj,

thanks for replying.

2007/3/1, Nikolaj Hald Nielsen <nhnfreespirit at>:
> > Now that the context browser is in the center and always visible it
> might be
> > a opportunity to rethink it's concept.
> > This is related to music stores because I don't think the current tree
> view
> > browser will scale when music stores get a bigger catalog. Consider a
> music
> > store that has a web-like interface, it's easier to browse, looks
> better,
> > albumart, browsing through a catalog based on related artists, genres,
> > recommendations, etc.
> > To implement a store like that we need screen real estate. The only
> place I
> > can think of that we have that is in the center pane.
> I have to strongly disagre with moving the music store into the center
> view at this time, for several reasons:
> 1. The one store that we have at this time ( works
> conceptually very much like a browser. The preview tracks can be added
> to a playlist in the same way content from any other browser can.
> There is no real reason to change this store significantly at this
> time, especially since the site itself does not offer any
> significantly different ways of browsing their content.

You know, the magnatune store and other stores implemented like a tree view
browser, could coexist with a store using the Center Pane. In fact, those
could be 2 views of the same, shared, data.

2. I agree that a store with a significantly larger catalog will need
> additional features for searching and limiting what is displayed in a
> tree view, but this is not something that has been explored at all in
> the current implementation. Magnatune is adding albums on a monthly
> basis, so this is something that needs to be taken into account soon
> anyway. Removing the default "All" genre and only showing artists from
> one actual genre at a time would be a good first step I think.

3. I think this is my primary objection. There are no concrete plans
> for collaborating with other stores at this time. While I am not
> against this at all, I do think it is very dangerous to think up a new
> glorified way of handling shops when we know nothing about the
> features, needs, interface, metadata availability and content handling
> of any future stores. I am very open to having this discussion again
> when we know more about what (if any) stores actually wish to
> integrate into Amarok and what features they offer.

It seems obvious to me we will implement new ones since there are offers.
And concerning your arguments, a flexible framework will allow us to handle
just about anything a store can trow at us.

4. In many cases I think the center pane can be used to argument a
> store if they are shown at the same time. Looking up wikipedia data of
> the artist selected in the Magnatune store as an addition to the
> stores own description springs to mind.

I believe the stores will be able to supply most metadata themselves. I
don't consider them good stores if they don't.

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