Android Apps (Re: "Big picture" design one release cycle ahead?)

Clemens Toennies starbuck at
Sun Oct 28 17:09:11 UTC 2012

Am 28.10.2012 14:39, schrieb Inge Wallin:
>>> I know that Aaron likes to say that "we can't play the number-of-apps game"
>>> but I think that the lack of apps for will be seen as a big problem for this group
>>> even though it's not strictly a problem for their intended use in itself.
>> ah, but we don't need to play the number-of-apps game for these people.
>> it's perfectly fine if we don't have 100,000 apps covering every city
>> transit system, every sports league, etc, etc. we just a need a set of
>> good-to-great quality applications with educational focus. if we had 40-50
>> (or, dreaming, 100 :) such apps, we'd be able to compete quite effectively
>> based on functionality provided that is relevant to this audience.
> I agree that a much smaller number of apps is sufficient. But what is the
> reality or actual need is not always reflected in purchasing decisions. A
> purchase is done for many different reasons and I suspect that having few apps
> will be a liability when the decision is made, no matter if it should or not.
>>> for the long term I don't think we should dismiss compatibility with Android out of hand.
>> no one is dismissing it, but someone needs to do the actual work (and then
>> maintain it)


I agree to the importance of having a solid base of apps is part of 
appealing to a broader target audience
that right now uses non-free tablet solutions for the lack of free 

Therefore regarding Android:

Is there anyone in KDE who knows how such a compatibilty layer could be 
done and capable of doing the work?
I could imagine Blue Systems to sponsor this specific project if there 
is any volunteer with a sound plan.

Greetings, Clemens.

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