Merging plasmaextracomponents branch

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Thu Mar 29 23:39:21 UTC 2012


As you might have noticed, we've created a new module in kde-runtime which now 
contains a few classes from mobilecomponents (which have been removed there in 
the sebas/plasmaextracomponents branch in plasma-mobile).

The classes that have moved are:
   * appbackground image provider (needs air-mobile theme)
   * ResourceInstance (for SLC)
   * Title
   * a few other small classes that aren't widely used yet
   * animations (mainly used in browser, settings and launcher)

I've just moved the animations tonight, so you might want to update your kde-

In the sebas/plasmacomponents branch, those have all been ported, requiring 
kde-runtime master. I've not noticed any problems with the branch, so I'd like 
to merge it this weekend.

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