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Em Wednesday 28 March 2012, Marco Martin escreveu:
> On Wednesday 28 March 2012, Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
> > Ah, I see.
> > So what is the internal, technical workflow for switching an activity to
> > private (everything that happens from the point where the user taps
> > "Save" in the Activity configuration dialog after having switched to
> > private)? I'd like to understand the inner workings (not on the code
> > level, more like on an UML activity diagram level of detail) so that I
> > can see how this can be best translated into a user workflow.
> > Thanks,
> > Thomas
> ok.
> basically, the activitymanager daemon is running in the background.
> it controls what activities exist, creation,deletion and name (wallpaper is
> an internal setting in the plasma shell instead) so all those operations
> are asked to the daemon via dbus.
> so, let's say we have an existing, unencrypted activity. The client, in
> this case the plasma shell asks, please encrypt.
> the server pops up the  encryption ui (done by the activity manager to not
> pass passwords in clear text over dbus, since any process can listen to
> them ;)

	Just to make it clear: the activity configuration dialog is managed by 
the plasma shell (plasma-device process) and the password dialog is managed by 
activity manager (kactivitymanagerd process).
> then if hte user dismisses the dialog nothing happens, if he confirms, an
> encrypted partition is created and all the files linked to the activity are
> phisically moved in there (means also they'll have to be unlinked from
> every other activity, since they are "protected" now)

	Encrypted folder, not partition.

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