[Bug 296223] Latest update destroyed all my settings

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Sun Mar 18 19:41:41 UTC 2012


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I have no idea which component of KDE this belongs in, but it is a KDE problem,
tho *perhaps* with openSuSE complicity.  There needs to be no possible
corruption of /tmp or /var/tmp files that would render KDE unusable.  There is.
 The update on openSuSE was recent (4 days before failure), but I had booted
successfully a couple of times afterwards.  No, this is a KDE issue.

A few more symptoms may help isolate:

* the title bar buttons were missing
* most windows would not move (though some did)
* the activity menu (?? "start button"?) always came up *under* any window that
was resting at the bottom
* everything was basically "pop under" and the overlaying windows were immobile

How can that stuff be construed as being a packager problem?  I think not.

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