Task proposal: Integration of Cloud computing

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at autistici.org
Sat Mar 3 18:52:55 UTC 2012

On Saturday 03 March 2012 18:56:24 Marie Hrdinová wrote:
> Hi,
> since it looks like the idea of cloud integration drew attention, I'd
> like to write how the process of planning continues.


> I'd like to write the application divided into independent layers, so
> it'd be possible to integrate different clouds only by changing the
> layer which works directly with the cloud.

Sounds great!

> I'm planning to use KIO slaves wherever it's possible.

+1, this offers the best integration in KDE applications.

> So far it looks like the best choice for integration is ownCloud.
> It has support for different types of data, so it should be possible
> to treat files according to their purpose.

Great! Actually ownCloud was our preferred choice anyway, so I'm glad you 
agree with us in that choice :)

> For contacts, calendars and bookmarks I will try to find a way to
> connect ownCloud with Akonadi.

In fact, an Akonadi resource for ownCloud even seems to exist already. So it 
would make sense to talk to the KDE PIM team about how that one works.

> For Music - the Bangarang player - a solution for integration may be
> via stream option.

Sounds nice!

> Configuration files should be stored in a directory on cloud. There
> are two possibilities. Either the configuration on cloud will be only
> a backup or files will be synchronized with cloud with local cache on
> device (when there is no internet connection). Question is if it would
> be possible to share configuration between different devices and in
> this case how to resolve incompatible options.
> If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or questions, I'll be
> glad to hear them.
> Marie Hrdinová

I'm glad you'll be doing this!

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