Task Proposal: Centralized account management

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Mon Jan 23 09:42:17 UTC 2012

On Thursday, January 19, 2012 17:58:51 Marco Martin wrote:
> 2) Write a couple of modules for at least owncloud and a couple of other 
> services such as twitter or flickr

I've hacked on the microblogging dataengine quite a bit, and it turned out 
that it was still using xauth as authentication for Twitter, and basic 
authentication for Identi.ca. I've started on support for full OAuth.

It's a fairly complex key-challenge-response process which involves sending a 
user to a webpage on twitter.com to acknowledge the app wanting to get access. 
The cool thing is that we can use webkit to inline this into the application. 
We don't even have to show the webkit widget loading the ACK-APP page, with a 
bit of JavaScript inserting (findElementById("allowButton").click();) inserted 
into the loaded page, everything can be made to work automatically. :)

So the twitter plugin should be ripped straight out of the microblogging 
engine. (And the MB engine should then use it, of course.)

Just a few possibly interesting thoughts on this task... 

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