Data security

Marco Martin notmart at
Fri Jan 6 19:43:38 UTC 2012

On Friday 06 January 2012, Ivan Cukic wrote:
> > only solution i see, if someone decides to lock an activity is a scary
> > and weird dialog that warns that all the files will have to be unlinked
> > from all the other activities :/
> I don't thing it is necessarily a bad solution (the other possibility
> being be to duplicate files). Obviously - it should be shown only for the
> first time to explain the process to the user.

well, yeah a warning should be shown anyways i think.

and, about duplicating files, besides being quite ugly, it kinda misses the 
point of encrypting them :p (also they would be come 2 separate nepomuk 
resources, not beautiful either)

Marco Martin

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