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Thu Feb 23 05:19:38 UTC 2012

Hi there,

After seeing Aaron's blog post, my first reaction was "Thank $DIETY! Those
$%^$! icons are going!". (Note: the icons themselves are nice enough, but
in combination, in that context... urgh.) My second was "I should have a go
at creating the new ones..." So here's my first draft superimposed on the
standard 1366x768 PA2 screenshot (please look at the image at 1:1 size, or
it looks blurry):

Note, I've gone with the minimalist version here as I like clean looks. I
was thinking of embossing them or suchlike, but then looking at the
screenshot, I realised that they may look too much like just another part
of the (very embossed) background. The "share" icon is also a (hand
re-created) version of the other "universal" share logo, albeit with my own
touches. The difference in style between the sla icons and the home button
is also intentional. SLA are considered a discreet set of functionality
separate from the home screen (thus why they're always referred to as
share-like-connect and not share-like-connect-home.) The style difference
is to make that distinction clear.

Feedback welcome!

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