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Lamarque V. Souza Lamarque.Souza.ext at basyskom.com
Mon Apr 23 19:29:17 UTC 2012

Em Monday 23 April 2012, Thomas Pfeiffer escreveu:
> On Monday 23 April 2012 18:15:03 you wrote:
> > Thomas Hi,
> > 
> > the testing project was updated today, maybe you like to test again the
> > plasma active two update scenario? Imho this testing state is an hot
> > update candidate for Trunk:Testing in case we all agree.
> > 
> > Your suggestion about the PA update test scenario might work well, so
> > feel free to make following steps on an clean installation of following
> > image:
> > 
> > http://share.basyskom.com/contour//Deployment/MeeGo_x86_USB_Live_and_Inst
> > all _Archive/basyskom-plasma-active-two-meego-usb-live.iso
> > - start 'konsole' app
> > - get user root (passwd meego)
> > - zypper ar
> > http://repo.pub.meego.com/Project:/KDE:/Trunk:/Testing/MeeGo_1.2_OSS/
> > PA-Testing - zypper refresh
> > - zypper up
> > - reboot
> > 
> > If all went fine, the ux should came up again after this steps.
> > 
> > Thanks for your testing and feedback.
> > 
> > Cheers
> > 
> > Maurice
> Hi Maurice (and all on the active list),
> I wanted to follow the instructions exactly, but I made a mistake which,
> however, resulted in what I think is an actually more realistic test.
> My mistake was that I made a typo in the Testing repo URL and didn't notice
> the error message when doing zypper ref.
> Therefore I accidentally updated from the stable repository first, which
> produced the task switcher thumbnail bug already reported. Then I re-added
> the Testing repo correctly and updated again (so this is what a user who
> updates today from Stable and then updates again after the next merge
> would experience).
> This is what I get:
> - The task switcher thumbnail bug is gone. So that worked! :)


> - The top bar still has a black background (quite ugly)

	In PA3 devel and testing kwin defaults to OpenGL, which causes this 
problem sometimes. In PA2 we used XRender instead, which does not have this 

> - Creating private Activities does not work. When I switch to private, the
> button label changes to "Enter password and save changes", but when I press
> the button, I do not get the password dialog and the Activity is *not*
> locked. Other changes are saved, though.

	As long as kactivitymanager was successfully updated this should not 
happen. You rebooted the device after the upgrade, right?

> - Searching in the Add Items dialog does weird things (looks like the
> things described in https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=296941). Search
> in Files and Images apps works fine, though.

	attach the rpm_list.txt file created using:

	rpm -qa | sort > rpm_list.txt

	The fix for #296941 should be in obs already.

> - The lock button is still present in the top bar (though it's not needed
> anymore with the new lock screen). When pressed, it brings up the old
> logout QML instead of the lock screen. Don't know if that is on purpose.

	Well, I removed a couple of months ago but then Maurice said some 
devices still do not work with the new lock screen, so it re-added it.
> Please tell me which of these I should file bugs for.
> Other than that, I could not find any bugs. I noticed, however, that
> pulling the top bar up or down seems quite a bit less smooth than with
> PA2. Looks like some things still need to be fixed. However, I'd suggest
> pushing at least the fix for the thumbnail bug to the stable repo as soon
> as possible, because it's a nasty one.

	At least in PA3 the launch & pick areal is loaded on demand, so the 
first time you pull the panel it will have a small delay while plasma-device 
loades it. The second time you pull the panel and on it should be faster. I do 
not know if that is how PA2 works too.

Lamarque V. Souza
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