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Fri Apr 20 12:14:12 UTC 2012

Em Friday 20 April 2012, Thomas Pfeiffer escreveu:
> > Maybe this is a problem with kded's networkstatus module not working with
> > connman. Most KDE programs treats Solid::Networking::status() ==
> > Solid::Networking::Unknown as Solid::Networking::Connected (online),
> > which is what happens with connman. But if the system is really offline
> > then the program must recover by itself since there will be no
> > statusChanged(Connected) signal. By what I could see in the rss
> > dataengine it only fetches data if the statusChanged(Connected or
> > Unknown) signal is received or when data source is requested.
> > 
> > If we compile kde-runtime against QtNtrack then networkstatus should work
> > with any network management software. But NTrack has a history of
> > causing problems in kded (Ntrack 0.14 causes 100% CPU problems, Ntrack
> > 0.16 force networkstatus to offline mode). Well, Ntrack 0.15 is also not
> > perfect but seems to work. networkstatus includes a backend for
> > NetworkManager and Wicd, so if we change to NM if will not need Ntrack.
> Wait, why should we start implementing workarounds for conman? I thought
> the plan was to use networkmanager in the long run? We have found that
> conman sucks with Plasma Active, and it will always do so. So I don't
> think we should invest any more time in it.

	QtNtrack is not a workaround, it has been supported by networkstatus for 
years. If it worked without problems we could even remove the NetworkManager 
and Wicd backends from networkstatus and stay only with QtNtrack.

Lamarque V. Souza
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