Context menu vs. drag& drop of resource icons

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at
Tue Apr 17 15:00:50 UTC 2012

On 17.04.2012 16:48, Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:

> I must admit that I never noticed this was possible. I always lifted the finger
> after the menu appeared because that's the way I know context menus (since there
> you.

..have to right-click to open it, point, and then left-click to execute a 
command on the desktop. That doesn't mean it's better that way, it's just the 
reason why I haven't discovered that feature in PA.

> It definitely should be the same, yes. Hmm...
> Okay, I guess I'll have to rethink this. I have been thinking about finding new
> ways to open the context menu anyway.
> One idea I have been thinking about is the following:
> To open the context menu, swipe up or down from the icon. The menu would then be
> displayed above or below the icon, depending on the direction of the swipe. This
> would be like pulling the menu out of the icon, matching the "drawer" metaphor
> of e.g. the top bar or Activity Wheel. In my imagination, this feels quite
> "natural", although it is of course even less discoverable than the hold and
> would definitely need to be demonstrated to users.

Of course the menu should not just appear, but should be animated as being 
pulled out.

> If we implemented that, we could use hold only for dragging (ideally with an
> animation which makes it clear that the icon is now free to move). Another
> mobile UI is doing something similar for their homescreen AFAIR, but unless they
> have a patent on it, we could still use it.
> I'm not sure how well this would work, but I'd love to try it out in action.
> What do you guys think about it?
>> i would have to check if technically possible having a dnd event active while
>> the menu is open tough, or rather close it and be actually sure is closed
>> before the drag event starts, the two things are quite notorious to make the X
>> server explode badly when used together
> The menu should be closed before the drag event starts, yes.

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