[Bug 296368] add an image - updating the number in the resource box takes long

Lamarque V. Souza lamarque at kde.org
Wed Apr 4 17:25:32 UTC 2012


--- Comment #5 from Lamarque V. Souza <lamarque at kde.org> ---
I have been investigating how we could update the number of entries only at the
"end of new entries" event but there is no accurate way of doing that. Nepomuk
and dataengines do not send a "end of new entries" signal, so we have to rely
on an timeout to determinate the interval when the "end of new entries" happen.
Choosing the timeout value is the problem here because it must be long enough
to allow nepomuk to send new entries and not to too long to avoid updating the
containment's title several seconds after the "end of entries" event happens.
According to the bug description 3s would not be long enough but I think 3s is
too much time to update the containment's title.

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