remove or keep the activity view in the window list

Fania Bremmer fania.bremmer at
Tue Sep 27 10:18:47 UTC 2011

>>> i'm a little concerned about a button that changes its UI like that, but
>>> it's plausible and the kind of change that could be made quite easily.
>>> i'd defer to Fania before attempting it, though. Fania: what do you
>>> think?
>> Sorry for answering that late.... so, what i already saw on a tablet
>> from Karlheinz was putting the contour logo in the upper right corner,
>> that switches right back to the current activity. Looks very smooth and
>> logically from an interaction kind of view.
>> Thinking about switching this icon to another one and doubling the meaning
>> of the button - I wouldn't do that.
>> What are the most common usecases in this situation, starting from the
>> activity screen: - open a resource: simply tap on it, it launches
>> - go back to current activity: simply tap on the contour icon
>> - start a new application: go to the launch area, tap on one
>> - go to another open application: just open the peek area and tap
>> ->   so I think we dont need a "back-button" or a "show me my last
>> application" button. What we could think about, would be the ordering in
>> the peek area though. Currently they are sorted in the order of opening,
>> right? So here it might be good to have the last ones opened in the very
>> beginning. So we would have some sort of "backbutton-area" in our
>> task-switcher.
>> But as Karlheinz mentioned - there are still a lot of bugs waiting to be
>> fixed; new features should be focussed on in next release :)
> I agree that the Contour button top-right works very well.
> I also think it would be natural behaviour to make it switch back to the
> application, this behaviour is already known from the taskbar (click shows
> window, click again hides window), from the "show desktop" button (click shows
> desktop, another click gets your windows back again), and it would be so
> useful, for example when quickly interaction with contour, for example taking
> a note into a notes widget in the activity screen, using a calculator placed
> there, etc.
> It would simply make switching back-and-forth between an App and Contour a lot
> more streamlined, while not actually introducing UI strangeness. I'd like us
> to experiment with after One is out.
> Cheers,

ok, but if it has this switching interaction, please dont use the logo 
as an icon for that. then we should look for something that underlines 
that switching part... we should just insert it, observe users trying 
it, and then decide how we use it in active - would that be fine? I 
guess we all noted, that something for quick switching is missing... 
lets find out what will be the best option for that.

the logo stays for the whole product, anyways... so shouldn't be used 
for very special parts of the UI, in my opinion.


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