getting images together for 1.0

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at
Sun Sep 4 09:36:48 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 31 August 2011 17:06:51 Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
>  Okay, I see I used the wrong term here. Usecase of course means
>  something
>  different to an engineer since it is a defined term in engineering. ;)
>  What I meant was actually something different, something broader.
>  Let's call them "usage scenario" then.
>  Something like "I'm sitting at a bar with my friends and want to show
>  them the
>  fotos I just made with my camera on my tablet" (which is actually a
>  scenario I
>  might try out on Friday at a pub ;) 

PA/Contour on Meego succeeded in the "show fotos in a pub" scenario last 
Friday :)
Although in the Friday image the Images application didn't work (crashed on 
start), Gwenview still did the trick. Not having swipe ability was kinda sad, 
but the slideshow worked well enough. And I was suprised by the fact that it 
played the videos from the camera as well (had never tried that before), 
allowing a smooth experience without the need to switch applications. There 
was no sound, but I don't know if Meego or Active or Gwenview or whatever is 
to blame for that ;)

As soon as I find time to get WiFi working, I'll try a scenario including some 
web usage.


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