RFC: remove resources feature is missing

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Thu Oct 27 16:37:13 UTC 2011

On Thursday, October 27, 2011 17:17:22 Fania Bremmer wrote:
> A lot o users asked for this feature, but would not have tried the
> context menu for this... any other option where to put it? Or maybe not
> repeating the whole context menu discussion and just put "remove" in the
> context menu for every resource. There should be also a "delete" to show
> the difference to the user

one suggestion from a user i got while using it was to have a (-) icon next to 
the (+) one where you could remove things already associated. i don't 
particularly like it as it feels a lot like a very modal UI.

as we don't have resource dragging (yet?) we can't have a "dissassociate 
zone", though that would be very easy (though perhaps not easily 
discoverable?) to just drag something to a target that appears when dragged.

alternatively, we could go back to "pressing doesn't open immediately" and 
then offer the user something like a pie menu around the item they touch that 
offers things like "open", "remove from activity", etc. i know you don't like 
the idea of making opening harder than a single tap, though :)

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