app open only once instead of instances in the different activities

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at
Thu Oct 27 15:30:13 UTC 2011

> Ok, here I am quite fuzzy about the current implementation: are we
> opening always new instances of apps and documents for every activity or
> is it always the same?
> ** Proposed Change **
> Having a way to use general apps that are needed always, not activity
> specific.
> ** Reason For Change **
> Usecase: I want to check my private mails any time I want, not related
> to my current activity. Currenlty I need to create a "general" activity
> with that sort of apps in it, like also a chat program... I need to
> switch to this activity to be able to chat, even if I am using that chat
> maybe for different projects, contacts, activities.
> ** Implementation Details **

+100, as I've already stated in a mail a few weeks back. This needs
quite some thinking through, but definitely needs to be done.

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