first press article

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at
Tue Oct 11 08:39:29 UTC 2011

> And another french one :
> Not very positive and contains some mistakes (unfortunately usual on
> quite known, web site.), but not that bad though and might attract
> people.

As far as I could understand with my school French, it does not even seem
too far
off (although they don't seem to have actually used it either).
Misconceptions are
sad, but they could be worse ;)
Performance (this is what I think "ralentissements" refers to), for
example, _is_ 
currently a problem especially during and shortly after boot. 
Of course _we_ know why things (like resources) take a little time to
but users will probably be annoyed by it anyway. Responsiveness is very
especially in the mobile context, since people often use their mobile
devices to
look up something quickly.
That's why for example I heard of quite a few people that preferred iOS
over Android 
precisely because Android (at least in earlier versions) felt a lot less
responsive than iOS.

We're advertising Plasma Active One as the first version of an actual
_product_, not
as a proof of concept or a tech demo. Users sure don't expect it to be at
its full potential
yet, but they do expect it to already work well for what it does.
So some criticism is certainly justified if they feel it doesn't . What's
important, though, 
is that reviewers recognize the potential that's in our new concepts. The
article could have done better at that, but also worse.

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