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I've been using and following KDE for a long time and as far as I'm
concerned it's the only DE system that competes with OSX. In many aspects
KDE is even far beyond OSX.

I've been looking forward to Plasma Active and I believe that KDE's approach
to multi-formfactor is the only one that will work. Same UX on all
formfactors simply doesn't cut it - Win 8 demonstrates that. (Gnome and
Unity has opted for a similar approach and will suffer from the same
problem). Apple seems to work towards merging iOS and OSX to a certain
extent too - but they have apparently not figured it out yet.

KDE's approach will in my humble opinion work.

My only concern is that Plasma Active UX/UI is a bit to close to desktop UX.
I therefore hope that Plasma Active makes a more distinct break with KDE
desktop interface wrt graphical presentation and so on. I believe that's a
must to get acceptance beyond the KDE userbase. Early days still though - I
fully understand that :)

One thing I really miss is an overview over pads and tablet pc's that is
capable of running Plasma Active. The same goes for suggestions wrt
distributions with good implementation. A general (not KDE) problem is that
a significant part of the HSDPA/3G modems in use are branded Gobi. Drivers
are available, but the implementation i less than poor in virtually every

Dell, Lenovo and HP are using Gobi in their combo machines such as e.g
Thinkpad X220 Tablet which also has mulittouch as option. I believe the Gobi
issue is a real showstopper that also will influence the willingness to
experiment with KDE Plasma Active on such machine.

I have a Gobi machine myself, and it is a real issue that prevent me from
KDE only usage. I know it's a kernel/driver/implementation problem - but I
don't have the knowledge to sort it out myself. Therefore I hope that you
could push some buttons to get attraction to the issue. It will increase the
potential installation base for KDE and Plasma Active.

I would love to replace my laptop with a gobi-working KDE Thinkpad X220

You guys are doing a fantastic job. Thanks a lot! ;))

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