SUSE Studio Appliance

Kenny Duffus kenny at
Fri Oct 7 06:53:22 UTC 2011


As some of you on irc will have seen me talking about it, I've been working on 
building a PA SUSE Studio Appliance over the last few weeks.

This now works with a few bugs.  It was actually quite a bit harder to get 
working than I'd expected considering the SUSE packages worked fine from a 
manual install.  The main issue is that SUSE Studio doesn’t support repository 
priorities which despite lots of attempts at working around it meant that as 
the PA kdelibs package had a lower version than the one from the KDE 47 repo, 
it was never getting installed so things didn’t work until 4.7.2 version bump.

The appliance is:

this is currently using the versions from yesterday afternoon but will be 
updated after Sebas finishes building the "final" packages.

As with other live usb images this is slow to boot and nepomuk doesn’t work 
for a few minutes after booting delaying the bookmarks, apps etc appearing in 
the activities.


* despite Desktop Effects claiming to be on it looks to me as if compositing 
isn't working properly (dark title bars, black border round keyboard yet 
plasmoids are transparent)

* power management doesn’t seem to know about sleeping so back button doesn't 
work as expected

I'd appreciate if some people had time to do a bit of testing of it and in 
particular if anyone that knows more about X might be able to give me some 
hints on what is wrong with that.

The big advantage of having a SUSE Studio Appliance is that going forward it 
should be easy to generate updated images for user testing.




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