gles speed on meego

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Mon Nov 21 16:29:08 UTC 2011

Am Mon, 21 Nov 2011 17:21:01 +0100
schrieb Marco Martin <notmart at>:
> afaik xrender support is not even compiled in the mobile profile

"ldd `which kwin_gles`

Restart "kwin_gles --replace &" from konsole, check/post the output.

Also check whether this is caused by some particular effect or eg. a
"backported" vsync support for EGL (what to my findings did not work at
all. There's a review request and i don't know what you compiled over
there ;-)

Watch the general system load and if it's high on the CPU, use sysprof
to figure "why".

I've also noticed that kwin_gles is slower ("more cpu hungry", gma 915)
than glx (kwin) but not to such degree.


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